Protection : a must in wealth management advice

Our wealth management solutions are perfectly adapted to the protection needs of an international wealthy clientele and can address current and future cross-border wealth issues.


Our offer is currently available to French, Belgian, Luxembourg, Monegasque, Italian and Finnish residents.


Through our insurance offers for individuals, key persons and partners, our protection products can provide capital in the event of death or loss of autonomy up to 20 million Euros.

Core services to ensure a quick and easy application process

A fully digitised journey
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Why take out a protection product ?

For individuals, it is a question of obtaining the replacement income necessary to maintain their resources, preserve their family’s economic future or finance inheritance tax in the event of an accident. Business owners, senior managers and self-employed entrepreneurs need to protect themselves from any work stoppage or death that would affect them, their families and the viability of the business.

Financing inheritance tax
Protecting the economic future of your family
Ensuring the viability of the business
Protecting your investments
The company's ambition is to become the leading Luxembourg player in Europe for Protection solutions for wealthy clients. Innovating also means diversifying our own business, and life protection offers us this opportunity.
Alessandro Quero
Head of Life Protection
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Our financial offering

We offer a wide investment universe enabling us to define a strategy in line with each client’s investment horizon and risk sensitivity while also taking into account their asset situation.

Our financial offering