A wide investment universe

The richness of our financial offer* allows us to define a strategy in line with each client’s investment horizon and risk sensitivity while also taking into account their financial situation.

  • Our General Fund expressed in Euros or other currencies (USD, GBP and CHF)

  • Eco-responsible funds in all investment categories

  • Unit-linked products


    • external funds to diversify savings : we offer a range of rigorously selected, open-architecture funds offered by internationally renowned management companies and covering different asset classes and geographical areas.
    • dedicated internal funds : access to this universe of underlying assets varies according to the amount invested in the contract and the personal assets of the applicant/policyholder.
    • collective internal funds : collective and mutualised management is determined by the defined risk profile or specific investment policies entrusted to a financial manager via a management mandate.
    • Specialised insurance funds (SAF)
  • The integration of innovative and sophisticated unlisted and/or structured assets

* Standard offer which may vary in some jurisdictions.



Life insurance contracts are subject to specific regulations in Europe.

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