An internationally important financial centre

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has long been established as a renowned international financial centre.
Today, the country is the global leader in the cross-border distribution of funds and second only to the United States as a centre for investment funds.
Luxembourg is also now the European leader in cross-border life insurance services.

Innovation and expertise

Throughout its long history Luxembourg has been able to establish an economic policy that is conducive to the development of new activity by creating a liberal, modern and innovative legal framework.

Its geographical location at the heart of Europe, its international outlook, its flexibility, and its multilingual and multicultural environment have boosted the development of unique cross-border expertise, particularly in relation to financial products and services.

Stable and solid

Luxembourg is synonymous with a remarkably stable social and political environment and with financial solidity, as confirmed by its excellent ratings from the three major credit rating agencies.

The country relies on this stability and solidity to promote a culture of investment protection.

S&P rating (*)
Political, economic and social
Portable policies
and cross-border expertise
No. 1 in Europe and No. 2 in the world in international
fund distribution (*)
government debt ratio (*)
(*) Source: LFF (2022)
Régime optimal de protection des investisseurs

An optimal scheme for investor protection

Luxembourg insurance solutions are recognized wealth management and estate planning tools.

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